I’m Neely, the founder of Project You Be Well. I started in the design world and designed leather accessories, handbags and jewelry for many years but there came a time where I somehow wanted to weave my love for wellness into the mix, because they go together.

I began a lifelong search for “true health” after suffering debilitating health problems in college, where I played Division I tennis. I have spent the past several years of my life traveling the world, researching the healing properties of superfoods that slow down the aging process and prevent disease, and studying “supercentenarian” cultures where people live to ages well beyond 100 years. I dug further into the nutrition world and became a Certified Functional Nutrition Consultant. I currently work with clients locally, nationally, and globally on a range of health issues including gut dysbiosis, autoimmune diseases, inflammation, weight issues, elevated cholesterol and allergies. Click here for more information visit my wellness program.

Who says you can’t do it all? I believe you can do it all if you organize your time properly. As most of you know I wrote a beautiful wellness book a few years ago, called PROJECT YOU and guess what, I combined my design skills with my wellness background and wrote a complete guide to health and wellness. It’s a beautiful book with a wealth of information. Check it out here.

Now I find myself happily entrenched in wellness, but I realized that what also keeps me emotionally healthy and happy inside is my love for design and all things…PROJECTS. I ask myself is it alright to do both and the answer is YES! I believe it is important to always engage in projects or hobbies daily. It keeps us well from the inside out! I am fully committed to my many projects and usually most of my projects are in the design world and some in the wellness industry too. Check out my latest project…a fabulous limited-edition jewelry collection with hand cast solid gold beads and a leather herringbone twist. It’s called the Golden Herringbone Collection and the collection is available for purchase here.