Cardio- Boxing is back again, so how beneficial is a boxing workout?

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Cardio- Boxing is back again, so how beneficial is a boxing workout?
First off, what is boxing? It’s a combat sport that started back in Greece in the 18th century, that involves two people throwing punches and jabs at each other while wearing protective gloves. Though, today it’s a little different when you choose boxing as a workout. New boxing studios are popping up everywhere and blending a traditional boxing gym experience, where one can come in and train like an athlete would. The difference is the setting of the studio. It’s more of a modern boutique fitness experience where everyone feels welcome and supported. Although boxing has gained popularity over time, it may come as no surprise because it provides one of the best workouts overall. Besides helping strengthen your bones and tone your muscles, it can aid in weight loss and this is because it is a high intensity cardio sport. A typical stress-relieving session incorporates a boxing technique, agility, plyometrics, deep core work and total body strength training, a cross-training regimen that yields lean results. Here are a few of the many benefits of boxing workouts.
  1. Boxing burns major calories & increases your metabolic rate when taking hundreds of jabs, hooks and punches at a boxing bag or sparing with others. It builds your stamina over time.
  2. Boxing helps to build strong bones and ligaments because it is a type of resistance training. That is equivalent to your own. It is the same as performing push-ups, lunges etc…
  3. Boxing increases muscle tone, strength, power and keeps you lean and it’s because this sport involves a lot of fast, repetitive and forceful movements.
  4. Boxing helps relieve stress. It is the best way to get your frustrations or anger out. Psychologically speaking, when you hit things (NOT PEOPLE) it helps you achieve a relaxing effect.
  5. It improves hand-eye coordination. Punching requires the ability to recall while staying focused which means you are constantly challenging your muscles and your mind at the same time.
  6. It improves your confidence and self- esteem, both physically and mentally.
  7. Boxing is great for enhancing your overall cardio-health. It helps improve your circulation, strengthens your heart and aids in weight loss.
  8. Boxing improves your balance because you are incorporating consistent thought-out movement in the body.
  9. Boxing improves body composition, especially when you combine your workout with circuit training and clean nutrition.
  10. Boxing helps flatten your belly… yes you heard me! Many of us result to only doing sit ups but when coupled with a consistent boxing routine, you will achieve a super strong “abalicious” core. This is because boxing is so demanding on your core muscles.
The benefits still go on and if you are in search for a fun and great fitness regime, BOXING is the sport!
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