10 Tips for Increasing Your Essential Fats

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10 Tips for Increasing Your Essential Fats

Your body can produce most of the fats it needs except for two; omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These are called essential fats. They are essential for normal functioning of tissues throughout your body. They are also essential because you need to eat them to get them! I have gathered great ways to eat your essential fats and ensure that your body has what it needs to thrive.

  1. GREEN MACHINE: Yes! Loads of leafy greens have essential fats. Up your greens with salads, smoothies, soups and cooked greens. Be sure to check out our book PROJECT YOU for over 75 easy delicious recipes using greens. BOOK | Project You Be Well
  2. GO FISH: Eat a variety of wild-caught fish, like salmon, Char and Sardines. Other wild-caught fish also high in fatty acids and low in mercury are anchovies, mackerel and trout. If you don’t like fish, try our vegan AHIFLOWER OIL which has a nutty flavor and comes from a beautiful white flowering plant in England. Ahiflower Oil is up to 4X greater EPA conversion than flaxseed oil, More effective omega-3 conversion than flax, chia and hemp seed oils. Sustainably cultivated in the UK. Ahiflower Oil | Project You Be Well
  3. GET GRASS-FED: Enjoy red meat but skip the factory-farmed meat and opt for grass-fed beef or lamb instead. When your animals eat their leafy greens, you reap the nutritional benefits.
  4. ADD IN ALGAE: Marine phytoplanktons (Blue-green algae) are an ideal source of essential fats. Add an ounce of E3Live to your smoothies or chug a shot and experience the increased energy.
  5. SEEK OUT SEEDS: Increase seeds rich in essential fats like hemp, flax and chia. Add them to smoothies, salads, dressings, granola and desserts. To find delicious recipes check out at www.projectyoubewell.com or our book PROJECT YOU BOOK | Project You Be Well. Remember to store these seeds in the fridge or freezer, as the essential fats can easily go rancid.
  6. WALK ON THE WILD SIDE: Find a source of wild-caught game like venison, elk or buffalo. Remember that you eat what your animals do. The wild-roaming beasts eat the turf that’s loaded with nutrients.
  7. DRIZZLE IT ON: Use cold-pressed oils that are rich in essential fats like Ahiflower Oil Ahiflower Oil | Project You Be Well , flax, hemp seed oils for salad dressings, pestos, sauces, dips or add a squirt into your morning smoothie. Store them cold and steer clear of heat with use.
  8. HAPPY CHICKS: Pass on commercial chicken and eggs. Instead opt for pastured eggs and free-range poultry. Seek out a local organic farmer for the best source.
  9. WELCOME WALNUTS: Increase your nut and seed consumption especially with walnuts and pumpkin seeds for amped up essential fats. Enjoy them in smoothies, trail mix, granola, bars, nut butters or pestos.
  10. ELEVATE YOUR OILS: Steer clear of refined oils, especially from GMO crops, this includes vegetable, soybean, canola, and safflower oils. For high heat cooking, use avocado, coconut, pecan, ghee, lard or grass-fed butter.
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