It’s called Keratosis Pilaris, aka…chicken skin, which is a common yet harmless genetic skin condition that causes dry, rough, hard bumps and patches.  These bumps are often light colored or pale reddish pink if irritated during dryer months of the year.

KP is caused by a buildup of too much keratin, a protein which protects our skin from infections and other harmful things.  This then causes hair follicles on the body to become clogged like a plug and doctors still are not quite sure what triggers it.  It is genetic and affects roughly 40% of healthy everyday people, but as kids and teens get older it usually disappears.

Although it cannot be cured or prevented it can be managed daily.  Often there can be good temporary improvement right away with a regular skin care program of lubrication.  Below is a list that helps soften or get rid of the bumps temporarily.  So, if you manage it everyday you will keep your skin in a more supple-exfoliated condition.

Rub apple cider vinegar 2X a day on bumpy area-morning and night.

Then, rub pure raw coconut oil on after the apple cider vinegar dries 2X a day.

Soak in a warm bath 2-3 times a week with ½ + cups of the brand (Moroccanoil Hair Treatment).  This really works wonders per Victoria Dawson Hoff, who accidently figured this out one night when she wanted to take a relaxing bath with some moisturizing essential oil.  She looked in her cabinet and all she had left was the brand (Moroccanoil Hair Treatment), so she used it and figured out it made her bumps all but disappear.  They were gone for 1 week +.  The key is to soak for 1+hours and read.  Give it a try and be consistent with a routine!

Other over the counter products that manage your bumps, are creams and lotions that contain
lactic-acid, alpha hydroxy acid lotions, urea creams, salicylic-acid lotions (6%) and compounded 3% salicylic acid in 20% urea cream.