Are pricey skincare products really worth it? The answer is not always, but there are tons of studies that show that people look for ways to rationalize big differences in the cost of products. “It seems that a high price tag or gorgeous packaging allows us to believe that a product will work more effectively than the cheaper versions.” This means we can justify investing in it, says Kit Yarrow, consumer psychologist and the author of the book, Decoding the New Consumer Mind: How and why We Shop and Buy (Wiley).

Spending $150 for a small container of face cream seems absurd, but when greeted with top of the line High-Tec packaging; a light-as-air formula; and a beautiful pure scent, we are sold. In other words, we are more inclined and even conditioned to believe in the more expensive product because it just looks expensive! But after awhile you start to wonder: are these super expensive skincare products, really worth the splurge? Are all the ingredients that much better and more powerful than their cheaper counterparts? Read below what a top cosmetic chemist has to say.

According to chemist, Joyce de Lemos, the more money we shell out for top of the line skincare products, we expect what’s inside the fancy packaging to be what we are paying for and nothing less. This is not always the case. “we have no problem taking an amazing formula and taking out the most expensive parts, like proprietary ingredients or a signature scent, then re-packaging it for a cheaper product,” Lemos explains. What happens is that the giant brands will often take a formula from one brand that’s doing well, and they’ll just decorate it and repackage it for another brand.” So, though the best ingredients may remain in the higher-end product, the base will be the same. However, on the flip side, because they are proprietary blends, brands in the U.S do not have to reveal what exactly goes into the formula.  What ends up happening is that one product can end up having 90% water and only 10% active ingredients. Who wants to pay an arm and a leg for this?

The only way to determine if your pricy product is worth the cost and doing its job is to research and look for the evidence or studies that the product works.  For example, the brand SkinMedica will create clinical tests and gather evidence and data to show that the product really works.  So, I say before you spend extravagant amounts of money on a luxe product do your research. To ensure the brand is super clean, safe and made without toxins visit or A skincare line I recommend that is super clean, safe and works wonders is and for a less expensive brand try  If you just want to use what’s directly from mother nature and works incredibly well for moisturizing, try pure raw coconut, rosehip seed or Immortelle flower oils for your face and a vitamin C topical serum.