An apple a day keeps the doctor way or should but the shiny red and green peels of an apple have major benefits too and should not be discarded. The peels are a store-house for minerals such as calcium, potassium, phosphorus, folate and vitamins A & C. This is according to research done by the University of Illinois. Surprisingly, about half of the vitamin C in apples is contained in the peels.   Vitamin A, C, K and folate is needed for healthy skin and is crucial for overall immunity and health. The peels also contain another vitamin called choline, which is beneficial in building new cells for your body. Copper in apples helps with the building of melanin in the body which helps with the pigment in your skin and protects you from harmful sun rays.  One of my favorite skincare lines, True Botanicals has an antioxidant booster and is the first skincare company to make a treatment using apple peels in its full form. It works amazingly well with repairing my surfer sun kissed skin! I recommend giving this antioxidant booster a try!

Moving on to the rest of the body, the biotin in apple peels helps with healthy nails, hair growth and helps prevent hair loss!

Try to eat an apple or two (with the skin on) a day and throw in one of my tasty everyday smoothies.  See recipe section for smoothies that use an apple.