Hi! I’m Neely, the founder of Project You Be Well. Growing up as an athlete and playing Division I tennis in college, I was always in top shape. That changed in my mid-20s when I started suffering from debilitating health issues, like chronic fatigue, depression and arthritis. Doctors couldn’t diagnose what was wrong and told me to eat more meat because I was anemic. I was still sick all the time.

It wasn’t until years later when I learned I was suffering from “leaky gut syndrome,” and that certain foods I was eating, including dairy and gluten, were wreaking havoc on my intestines and causing inflammation throughout my body. After eliminating the toxic foods and moving to a primarily plant-based diet, I started to regain my energy and my arthritis subsided.  

On a short stint living in Australia, I was introduced to the people of the Australian Bush– communities that have been living on native superfoods for thousands of years. Packed full of nutrients and containing the highest antioxidant levels of ANY food on the planet, these Bushfoods ™ have been associated with the prevention of cancer, cardiovascular diseases, and neurological degenerative disorders. A staple of my daily diet, Bushfoods have increased my energy, stamina and brain focus, and have kept me healthy even in the flu-ridden winter months. I’m proud to be introducing my Bushfoods to you and the U.S. market first time ever.