A MOTHER’S PROJECT IS NEVER DONE…What is a project and why do we take part in them? Well, the honest answer is that it makes us happy and it keeps us well from the inside out. We continue learning and creating, which keeps our brain working in a good way as well as youthful and sharp.

I began my journey in the fashion world and designed leather accessories, handbags and jewelry for many years but there came a time where I somehow wanted to weave my love for wellness into the mix, because to me they go together. Who says you can’t do it all? I believe you can do it all if you organize your time properly and enjoy the process. As most of you know I wrote a beautiful wellness book a few years ago called PROJECT YOU, passionately combining my design skills with my wellness background; writing a complete guide to health and wellness. I am so proud of this book, and it is wealth of information.

Now I find myself happily entrenched in the world of wellness, but I realized that what also keeps me ticking and happy inside is my love for design and all things…more PROJECTS. I ask myself is it alright to do both and the answer is YES! I believe it is important to always engage in projects or hobbies daily, continually feeding our creative soul. I am fully committed to my many projects even though most of them are in the design world, I embrace quite a few in the wellness industry too.

Check out my latest design project…the Golden Herringbone Collection. A beautiful limited-edition of custom designed braided leather herringbone chokers and necklaces. Made with vegetable-dyed kangaroo leather, hand-cast solid 18K gold and 14K gold beads with a choice of solid gold or woven knot closure. Both closures are very durable for active adventures!

The earliest examples of this intricate herringbone pattern can be seen in the jewelry of the ancient Egyptian elite and in fabric originating in ancient Italy. Each piece takes about seven hours to weave and are designed to be worn everywhere, especially doing one of my favorite past-times… swimming or surfing in the blue waters of Hawaii.

Enjoy my latest PROJECT.